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- Joel Annesly

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"Connection is deriving strength from relationship through feeling seen, heard, and valued without judgment. Disconnection is painful, and chronic disconnection leads to isolation, loneliness, and feelings of powerlessness."

- Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown

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A New Monthly Membership:

(English level B1 & above)

Celebrate your growth (imperfect progress).


Be supported in connection with others (who are also making imperfect progress).

  • Create healthier habits that support you to build your quiet confidence as you live out your healthiest, best & most authentic life.
  • Show up more honestly and authentically in your personal and professional life by having healthier boundaries and living in alignment with your heart's wisdom.
  • Discover self-care and wellness practices that work well for YOU and support your growth and expansion.
  • Learn practical ways to practice mindful living & self-compassion, even during the busiest and most challenging times.
  • Develop a growth mindset & see each mistake, each setback, each obstacle, each challenge and each "failure" as an opportunity for growth and learning valuable lessons that strengthen your resilience.

Uncover a brighter,

more energized &

more authentic YOU

through nurturing

your quiet confidence!

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Monthly Membership Includes:

Monthly live video calls:

1:1 Zoom breakout rooms - GREAT for quiet leaders & heart-centered entrepreneurs & professionals from around the world!

If you speak English at B1 level or above, you are WELCOME to participate!

Additional tools to support you to:

  • thrive during this season of your life, amidst the challenges.
  • un-silence your authentic voice.
  • celebrate and bring to life your creative gifts & talents, even when you're struggling with self-doubt.
  • give yourself permission to go after what lights you up and sparks joy in you.
  • break FREE from the habit of people-pleasing (often rooted in fear of loss, fear of abandonment & fear of rejection - if you REALLY stepped out to live your best, healthiest and most AUTHENTIC life).
  • be gentle with yourself - especially on the hard days.
  • nurture your body with loving care, gratitude and acceptance.
  • develop regular practices that give you more inner peace, inner calm & inner stillness.
  • embrace your pace without guilt, comparison nor shame.
  • create healthy and loving boundaries that support your overall wellness.
  • grow in confidence through taking inspired action towards your dreams, one step at a time - even when you're feeling afraid.
  • discover the freedom of showing up imperfectly.
  • stop allowing what other people think to hold you back from going after what gives your life meaning and satisfaction.
  • have the courage to disappoint others, when necessary.
  • be supported in an international online community with those who want to grow in cultivating more loving-kindness for themselves and for the world.
  • creatively take steps towards prioritizing your wellbeing and self-care needs so you can give from a place of overflow.

I am gentle with myself during times of struggle, offering myself the compassion and patience I would a dear friend.

- Louise Hay

Meet Robin

Robin Suttin is a bilingual Holistic Life Coach & International Language (ESL) Coach who loves to coach quiet leaders, heart-centered professionals from around the world and heart-centered visionaries to thrive and flourish in their lives!

Are you ready to let your quiet confidence shine brightly?

Robin's calming presence, infectious enthusiasm and empathetic nature supports her clients to express their authentic voices with confidence and ease. Robin listens deeply and coaches you to see beyond the stories that are replaying in your head, keeping you small and stuck in confusion, self-doubt, discouragement and overthinking so you can gain clarity and take inspired action towards your dreams!

Nobody else can tell you what success means for you.

Are you ready to go after what you truly value, what lights you up and makes you come alive? Do you want to finally break free from the chains that are holding you back from what your heart is calling you towards?

Besides being a Holistic Life Coach, Robin's experience also includes:

  • 9+ years as a grief & loss specialist.
  • 10+ years as an international ESL teacher, including coaching heart-centered professionals from around the world to develop practices that support them to speak English with confidence in their professional lives, even when they are feeling nervous and stressed about their language skills.

Robin has coached professionals from the following countries:

Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Mexico, Czechia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Colombia & Costa Rica as well as expats living in the USA, Europe and the UK.

Coming SOON!

Join waiting list for coaching with Robin.

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Coaching professionals from around the world to communicate with confidence in English & to bring to LIFE your BIG, beautiful dreams!


I have never felt more open; more alive. Robin gave me so much support and she accepted me completely without judgment or question. She encouraged me to accept myself and accept my feelings with total honesty and clarity.

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I am at peace with my past, living in the present moment and looking to the future with hope and optimism.

- Louise Hay

Take inspired action towards your dreams with

confidence and clarity!

Did you know that your dissatisfaction with where you are at right now, whether that stems from experiencing a challenging life transition, a difficult ending or some kind of disillusionment can actually become a wonderful catalyst for growth and change?

Are you tired of repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again?

Instead of falling into despair, the very thing that has caused you to hit rock bottom; that has removed the facades and has awakened you to the truth of your current state, can actually ignite a fire and passion so strong within you that it compels you to take concrete steps towards moving you from victim to active participant in your life. It is in the truth of that moment that you start to see for yourself that life is not happening to you, it is happening for you.

Having healthy boundaries in your life gives you the freedom to interact

with the world from a place of strength


to be of service to others from a place of abundance.

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"I'm so very thankful for Robin's professionalism and empathy toward my situation."

Robin's favorite mottos:

In a world that often celebrates loud voices and noise, quiet confidence offers a refreshing alternative.

Celebrate others' growth, wins and success - there's room for all of us to succeed.

When you dance a little bit in the morning, it changes the way you walk out in the world.

Surround yourself with people who love to talk about their dreams and passions and what lights a spark within them.

Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

Joy is the best fuel for our bodies and our brains.

Friendship is a sheltering tree.

You don't have to do great things. You can do small things with GREAT love.

Letting go of what no longer serves you creates space for what

inspires, uplifts & fulfills you.