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Grief is emotional, not logical.

The grief that comes with any emotional loss can be overwhelming and also very isolating. Often people find that those they normally count on for emotional support are at a total loss when it comes to offering effective and meaningful assistance. They will often give you logical reasons why you should not feel bad, but that rarely helps. Grief is emotional and not logical! You are suffering from a broken heart, not a broken head! The fact that you are seeking help in dealing with that emotional pain is not a sign of weakness, but rather a recognition on your part that you are interested in taking recovery action! - Grief Recovery Institute

Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to loss of any kind.

"Recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct action choices made by the griever." 

- The Grief Recovery Handbook 

When you are suffering on a daily basis, with the pain of a broken heart, there is one major question you need to ask yourself: Do I want to continue to suffer this pain for the rest of my life? Many people think this is the only option, and the fate they must endure forever. Many become accustomed to finding themselves in tears at odd moments throughout their days when they think of a love or relationship lost. Others believe that their loss has destroyed their happiness and sense of security, and now feel they will be bitter and joyless forever. This is not the case. You have options that can move you out from under this cloud. - Grief Recovery Institute

Grief & Loss

Are you heartbroken after losing a loved one or friend? 

Or is your heart aching because of another devastating loss or jolting life change that has left your heart in pieces?

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Divorce & Breakups

Are you feeling stuck after a divorce or romantic breakup? 

Do you wonder how to move forward with your life or if you will ever be able to open your heart to love and trust again?

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Infertility Grief

Is your long, painful journey of trying to conceive coming to an end without the baby you've longed to hold in your arms?

Learn how you can work through the pain attached to your devastating losses.

Moving beyond the heartache of infertility


"Following the death of my partner, I didn't think there would ever be a way for me to address my pain. I thought that if I acknowledged what had hurt me, that I would be admitting to being permanently broken. I didn't feel like it was safe to admit that I was grieving, let alone accept it. From the very beginning of the program, I felt safe with Robin. With her guidance and unconditional support throughout the seven-week program, I was able to heal even more than the bereavement I had initially come to grief recovery for. 

"My healing required that I sit with my feelings as opposed to running away from them. Robin created a space where I could feel safe and supported to heal, and heal I did. While I enjoyed the process, I was skeptical about it actually working. Robin kept me on track, and sure enought, by the final session, I was different. I feel safer and more present in my life and practice. I feel grounded and complete and for this I am eternally grateful. " - Eve

"Robin is welcoming, warm and compassionate. She is genuine and open. Leading without judgment, analysis or criticism, she has gently encouraged me onward towards my goal of becoming free from my past. With my own eyes, I'm beginning to see my heart open, in some ways, for the first time. With Robin, I am learning how to use specific tools to process through wounds & be free. And, I will carry these tools with me for the rest of my life because they really do work!" - Cheryl  

"I'm so happy that I had a chance to get to know about this program and go through it. I had no idea that such a program even existed. Having the tools is such a big thing for me. Having a method and the tools to work through things from my past and to know how to deal with things in my future is huge for me. Being able to help my kids learn to deal with loss appropriately is huge for me. And I wish everyone could go through something like this! I felt that our grief recovery specialist, Robin, was so good at leading the program. She came across so understanding and non-judgmental, not trying to analyze everything people shared, in fact, not analyzing at all. I felt like I was getting a big, warm hug when she listened to me." - Carol


"When I finally decided to go through the grief recovery program, I was very skeptical. During the discovery part of the program, I realized that I needed to work through a relationship that had caused me a lot of pain throughout the past 13 years. As a result of going through the grief recovery program, I have become a more compassionate person towards myself and towards others. THANK YOU! This has forever changed my life!" - Diana  

"I think it's really powerful to have a specialist who has gone through the course and the grief recovery process herself. I don't think that had I just read the book on my own, that I would have been able to first of all push myself through doing all of the assignments and completing things. The grief recovery program sets you up for success. I feel more forgiving of myself for things I just didn't know." - Sandra  

"I am beyond grateful for this experience because I feel that aside from helping me now be freed from the past and misconceptions, unforgiven situations related to my ex partner and chains of resentment that had me bound, I can look forward to a brighter future, especially for the sake of our beautiful children. I am confident now, which is a real gift, that if something comes up, I will have these tools to use and deal with it." - Santiago

"I was not able to express the pain of losing my mother. I hid all the emotions inside of me to minimize the pain and grief. I constantly had dreams of her during the the night until I started the program with Robin. I was encouraged to share my feelings. Robin was a sweet "heart with ears" which helped me talk and face my emotional struggles honestly and comfortably. After opening myself and honestly sharing my feelings, I no longer feel emotionally stuck. And now I have less of those repeated dreams at night. More importantly, I learned a series of tools to handle conflicting emotions. I don't panic anymore when I am missing my mom or being faced with other losses. I also realized how important it is to correctly respond to losses. The tools I learned in the program are indeed useful!" - Liwen

Time alone can't heal a broken heart. It's the actions we take within time that bring about a change in the way our hearts feel.

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