Robin Heart Suttin is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist and Life Coach. She has been trained by the Grief Recovery Institute to offer the 1-on-1 Grief Support Online program.

Robin grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts, and later moved to Latin America where she learned Spanish, worked as a Volunteer Coodinator for a nonprofit and received her TEFL/TESOL certification at The International Teacher Training Organization. In 2011 she moved to Cracow, Poland, where she taught English as a foreign language. She currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband. 

In 2015, Robin got certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist at the Grief Recovery Institute and in January, 2018, she received additional training to teach the One-on-One Grief Support Online program.  

Loss has touched Robin's life not only through the death of two of her close friends, but also through the intangible loss of infertility and several painful romantic breakups that left her doubting she would ever find true love in a relationship or be able to trust again.  

Robin used the same tools that she learned about during her training at the Grief Recovery Instute to work through her own painful losses and past emotional wounds. She is now passonate about teaching these healing tools to others.  

A true introvert at heart, though Robin loves connecting on a deep level with others, she thrives on replenshishing herself during her alone times. Though she once struggled with being a deeply emotional person, she now gives herself permission to feel all of her human emotions. She no longer keeps her feelings all bottled up.

Robin loves being out in nature, especially around mountains, forests and lakes, going on walks, watching sunsets, playing board games with her husband & having heart-to-heart conversations with friends over coffee. She absolutely loves the work she does online - creating a safe space for people to heal from the pain attached to their losses and past emotional wounds.  

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